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Creative copywriting


- Chinese and English creative copywriter 

About the project:

Curated by the HKPM Learning and Engagement Team, “Art Beyond Walls” is a virtual journey that transcends space and time and sparks the public’s imagination through exploring the halls and corridors of the Forbidden City as well as the architecture and exhibitions of the HKPM. Visitors will have an opportunity to learn about the Palace Museum and its fascinating stories from a variety of perspectives, and will discover the cultural significance of its rich collection and grand architecture in a contemporary context. By integrating onsite and online learning experiences, the HKPM aims to inspire the public to explore the uniqueness of Chinese art and culture through an innovative edutainment experience. Visitors can visit the “Art Beyond Walls” Creative Learning Zone and use a Web App to embark on their virtual journeys with mobile phones. In addition, they can enjoy a digital “Infinity Wall” art installation onsite at the Book Fair.

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